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Dr. Stewart founded the first acute stroke registry in the state of Oregon in 2002, funded by the Centers for Disease Control in collaboration with Oregon Health and Sciences University and Oregon Health Division. The project lasted more than two years and resulted in ongoing stroke-related quality improvement reports for 16 hospitals in the state. Women are diagnosed with more strokes than men and an analysis of potential differences in acute care experiences is ongoing.

Another primary research interest is in physician-patient communication under various social circumstances. Dr Stewart has published research concerning the relationship of malpractice claims history and physician communication during routine office visits, the impact on physician communication with the computer in the exam room, and how patients perceive different types of communication about patient safety. Dr. Stewart also serves on the Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Portland State University where she mentors students in applied health-related research.

Valerie Stewart, holds a doctoral degree is in social psychology, began her research career at UCLA’s Institute for Social Science Research where she developed a specialization in survey research as well as knowledge about logistics of conducting large-scale research projects.

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