Biography & Education


Dr. Keenen is a board-certified fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon treating neck and low back conditions.

Dr. Keenen is a highly-experienced surgeon with minimally-invasive spine procedures, motion preservation surgeries (cervical and lumbar artificial discs), micro discectomy, cervical fusion and lumbar fusion. After 20 years’ experience as a deformity surgeon, performing thousands of simple to highly-complex spine surgeries, along with teaching eight years on the faculty at Oregon Health & Science University, he is committed to ensuring patients receive the proper diagnosis and the most effective surgery to achieve optimal function and pain relief.

Dr. Keenen and his personally-trained staff conduct a complete, mindful assessment of each patient’s abnormalities, injuries and desired recovery expectations. The source of your symptoms will be evaluated through a carefully considered combination of history and physical examination combined with specific diagnostic testing, such as X-ray, MRI, CT, injections, bone scans and EMG.

If surgery is indicated, we believe in maximizing surgical recovery through pre- and post-habilitation programs that focus on stretching and strengthening, both before and after surgery.

If surgery is not indicated, we gladly facilitate a referral to expert providers who specialize in the non-surgical management of spine conditions.

Areas of expertise

Artificial disc surgery (cervical and lumbar), Minimally-invasive spine surgery, Microdiscectomy

Care Locations

Pacific Spine Specialists
19260 SW 65th Ave Ste 270
Tualatin , OR 97062