Biography & Education


Dr. Bethany Higa, PsyD, decided to become a clinical psychologist because she believes that everyone has a unique and important story to tell. She enjoys getting to know others through exploring the richness, ingenuity and resilience of their minds.

As a provider, Dr. Higa believes her most important role is to help facilitate the changes her patients have been waiting to make for a long time. “I see myself as providing the support, structure and guidance to help people make these changes so that they can better enjoy their lives and experience improved health,” she says. Her care philosophy stems from the belief that all behavior, no matter how destructive, comes from a place of trying to adapt the best a person can be based upon their life experiences. “People who are struggling generally want better for themselves,” she says. “It is my job to help figure out how to lead them to where they want to go.”

Dr. Higa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from University of Michigan. She went on to receive her doctoral degree in psychology from George Washington University. She completed an internship with Reed College’s Health and Counseling Center and residency training with Morrison Child & Family Services, Rosemont Treatment Center and School.

Dr. Higa was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Mich. In her free time she enjoys cooking, eating, being physically active and spending time with her family and friends.

Areas of expertise

Clinical psychology


Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan
Internship at Reed College Health & Counseling Center
Doctoral degree in psychology from George Washington University
Residency training with Morrison Child & Family Services, Rosemont Treatment Center and School

  • English

Care Locations

4104 SE 82nd Ave., Suite 250
Portland, OR 97266
Fax 503-215-9855


Board Certifications
  • Psychology-clinical