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4.8 out of 5 (58 Ratings, 26 Comments)


My doctor took the time to see I was scheduled for a test the next day. She called me back with test results.

Dr. Haymond is warm, caring & personable.

I just had a short-stay surgery and I had a great experience. All the staff was very helpful and nice, the following day after my surgery I have 2 different nurses call me to see how I was doing and I really appreciated that. Thank you!

Dr. Haymond is a very caring, compassionate doctor. She is a good listener and really wants to take care of your needs. She is good at explaining treatment too.

Wonderful use of language to confirm both my understanding and hers.

janice haymond is amazing. how lucky we all would be if there were more drs like dr haymond. professional, educational, empathetic, understanding. the 5 star mix of professionalism and bedside manner.

Dr. Haymond is excellent! Wish she was not planning to retire.

Dr. Haymond was very kind, knowledgeable and approachable.

I very much enjoyed speaking with my provider and am sorry she is retiring.

Always excellent, best possible.

Doctor Haymond is the BEST! Other docs should model after her. She is the best doc I see out of my docs/specialists.

I called after hours for a very painful, possibly serious health concern, call returned within 15 minutes by doctor on call. Provider's office called me at 7:15 a.m. with 8:30 a.m. office appointment. Office made arrangements for ultrasound and mammogram to be done immediately after office visit. Doctor on call saw me during office visit. Provider has called me at home several times after hours to check on my medical status. I was and am very thankful for this level of concern and care.

I was in custody of Washing County Jail at this visit. The provider didn't treat me differently, even though I was in handcuffs and escorted by a police deputy.

I feel very well taken care of by Dr. Haymond. I feel like she really cares that I get the help I need.

Dr. Haymond is exceptional! She is kind, patient, a good listener, answers all my questions, follows up promptly with test results and really cares about wanting to make you well again. Very grateful she was able to fit me into her busy schedule.

I was checked in for my appointment 10 minutes early to my appointment time. I was not taken back to the exam room until 10-15 minutes after my appoint was to start so I was waiting in the waiting room for around 20-25 minutes to start. then I waited for another 20-30 minutes in the exam room for Dr Haymond. the actual time spent with the doctor was only 10-15 minutes but I spent more than an hour in the office. Then when I had asked the assistant for a prescription for a breast pump, she only gave me a phamplet on how to obtain a breast pump, which the first step on the phamplet was "obtain a prescription from your provider". I didn't notice that was what she had given me until after I left the office and had to wait a week for my next appointment to actually get the prescription. I've also had a lot of difficulty with the receptionist staff in scheduling my appointments. For the first half of my pregnancy they were not scheduling me with my doctor but instead with anyone available. I have seen about 4-5 different doctors through out my pregnancy and it wasn't until my I was finally scheduled with my doctor and he saw that I wasn't scheduled with him for future appointments that it was fixed. so every time I was coming in to see a new doctor who didn't know my history or current situation and it made the experience feel very cold and unwelcoming. I've since been scheduled back with my doctor who I always wanted to be seen by and am very happy with his excellent care.

everyone was very nice

Dr. Haymond spent a lot of time with me discussing the pros and cons of genetic testing and counseling for the breast cancer gene, something I hadn't thought about before.

Dr. Haymond took extra care, and was attentive and thorough [...]

Allowed ample time for explanations and questions.

Love Dr. Haymond!

the Dr. said she was going to call me Monday. I did not hear from her. I updated the old email address I never use, and found she had sent me a note on the Mychart , which I did not see until Friday night. it did not say where the RX had been sent, and when my husband went to Costco to get another of my prescriptions, they did not mention it. when I found out about it. he was out. so he called to see if they had it (saturday), aand they said no. I was asleep, so he called the dr. on call. she was helpful, and confirmed it WAS at Costco, so he called again, went back, and was able to get it after she called it in again.i left a note on mychart, and am still waiting to hear from someone, as the doc said she was going to call me to talk about some issues we discussed.

she took the time to listen to all my questions and was very helpful with explanations.

[...] Dr. Haymond is an exemplary provider.

Provider wonderful. I just wish PCP's were as good.

Really would have appreciate knowledge on when to expect pain/discomfort. It just happened and it was a painful experience.