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Jessica Aaker, nurse midwife, entered the field of medicine because she always loved learning about, understanding, and sharing with others how the human body works. "I chose to go into midwifery because I wanted to help empower women throughout their life to take an active role in their health care," she says. "I've come to realize that I especially enjoy working with women and their partners during the transitional time when they are welcoming new babies into their families."

In her practice, Jessica emphasizes being a good listener, inquisitive, and having trust in a women's intuition as she addresses whatever concerns may be raised. "I want to help patients understand their body and the their new baby so that they can feel confident, trust themselves, and enjoy this wonderous new beginning," said Jessica.

After earning her bachelor's degree in biology from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, she received her Master of Science in Nursing from Yale University.

In midwifery school, Jessica spent time studying Spanish in Nicaragua and delivering babies in a rural hospital in South Africa. Over the past 20 years, Jessica and her husband have sought adventures such as bicycling across Southeast Asia, trekking in Nepal, and scuba diving in Egypt, East Africa and Thailand. She and her husband are now settled with two children and a dog, but are always seeking new opportunities to meet people from different cultures and take mini-adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Areas of expertise

Postpartum, lactation


Bachelor of Arts, Biology: Lewis and Clark College, Portland
Master of Science, Nursing w/Midwifery speciality: Yale University

  • English
  • Spanish

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