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Beauty in the brokenness

Laid off and ill, former publishing executive Carol Hickman found support from a Medford nonprofit helped by Providence.

Providence Medford
Medical Center

Providence Medford provided $11,419,000 in community benefits in 2010, including $8,512,000 in free or reduced-cost care to patients in need.

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Carol Hickman learned that there is hope for the newly unemployed who have lost their health insurance. Laid off from her job and facing life-threatening health problems, Carol turned to a nonprofit for help.

"I would not be alive right now if it hadn't been for the health center," Carol says. "They saved my life, when I had nothing to offer."

Thanks to a $25,000 grant from Providence Medford Medical Center and Providence Health Plans, Medford's Community Health Center helped cover the cost of Carol's care.

The grant is part of the health center's Recession Response Program that helps to cover medical services to families who are newly unemployed or who lost their health insurance.

"Our goal is to serve 500 adults and children with this grant," says Peg Crowley, Community Health Center's executive director. "Without partners like Providence, we would not be able to care for as many people."

Providence Medford Medical Center and Community Health Center have a long, successful history of partnerships. "We consider Providence a part of our team to help carry out our mission," Peg says. "We both provide for our community's most in need."

Before her financial situation changed so drastically, Carol knew well what it was like to have the best. "I had a great job and I could afford any medication," she recalls. "Now I'm indigent and need monthly prescriptions that cost thousands of dollars."

In spite of her uncertain future, Carol remains positive. "There is beauty in my brokenness," she says. "My heart is full of the deepest gratitude to the health center and to Providence."