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About Providence Community Grants Council

Providence Community
Grants Council
2008-2010 areas of focus

  • Primary care for the uninsured and low income
  • Access to behavioral health (mental health and chemical dependency) treatment for low-income and underserved populations
  • New models of assistive care for low-income, frail elderly
  • Access to health care for culturally diverse populations

Providence Partners in Health
2008-2010 areas of focus

  • Palliative care
  • Safety net health care services

The goals of the Providence Community Grants Council are to:

The council helps to fulfill the vision of Providence to pool resources in serving the needs of poor and vulnerable in our communities. It provides a coordinated point of access for our community partners to apply for grants up to $25,000.

The council will award grants based on the focus areas identified in our most current community health assessment, with special consideration to those agencies that serve the greatest number in our communities.

2008-2010 areas of focus were:

The council is made up of Providence leaders from a variety of program areas. The chief Mission integration officer for Providence in Oregon and the chief executive of Providence Health Plans determine annual funding, council roles and membership.