Ben Hall's story

ElderPlace participant since July 2012

BenHall2It’s hard to believe looking at him now, but just over five years ago, Ben was near death, in a coma, and weighed only eighty pounds. Ben’s sister, Karen, describes how she was “at her wits’ end” during this time. Ben really wanted to live on his own, but his tenuous health—he could barely walk, couldn’t maintain his weight, and every slight heath issue created a negative cascading effect—meant that wasn’t possible. It was then that Karen learned about ElderPlace.

Karen now describes Ben as “thriving” under the care and watchful of eye of his ElderPlace team. Intensive rehab, ongoing counseling, weekly checkups, and meetings with his registered dietician are all part of his care plan. Karen explains, “Ben is where he is because of the help of ElderPlace.” She says, “ElderPlace keeps Ben accountable and from isolating himself. They look out for his social well-being as well as his health.” Ben’s health is still a challenge, and maintaining his weight is an ongoing focus, but he recently got his wish and now lives on his own in a congregate-care building. He even has a new pal: his dog Charlie.