Wellness and prevention
Providence Workplace Health Services recognizes that controlling rapidly rising health care costs is a challenge all employers face in today's business world. As a local health care provider, we are in a unique position to partner with you to combat these costs and achieve a healthier work force and community.

Work injury and illness treatment
Providence Occupational Medicine has seven conveniently located clinics across Oregon to serve you and your employees. Our providers are highly skilled and experienced in caring for employees with work-related injuries and illnesses.

Drug and alcohol testing
Providence Workplace Health collectors are fully trained and certified under 49 CFR part 40, and our facilities comply with DOT regulations.

Medical evaluations
Providence Workplace Health is pleased to offer a comprehensive list of medical evaluation services designed to help you maintain a healthy and safe work environment and help you comply with OSHA standards and regulatory obligations.

Ergonomics and job task solutions
Providence Workplace Health believes that prevention of workplace injuries is critical to maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. We offer a range of services designed to reduce the incidence of preventable accidents and chronic work-related conditions that occur in every industry.

Employee assistance program
An employee's personal problems often become business problems for you. Troubled employees often miss work and have trouble concentrating while they are at work. Sometimes they make costly mistakes or compromise their own safety. That's where a good employee assistance program comes in.

Worksite employee clinics
Workplace Health offers several models for on-site employee clinics.

On-site services
Providence Workplace Health understands that sending your employees away from the worksite for screening or medical services can negatively impact productivity and increase your costs. With that in mind, we offer a selection of services at your worksite on an as-needed basis.