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Ask an Expert: Artificial devices used in heart care

Q: What can you tell me about mechanical heart assist devices? Are these devices a practical option for treating heart failure?

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Center for Advanced Heart Disease LVAD Fax Referral Form

For non-ugent LVAD referrals, please use our convenient fax sheet. For urgent LVAD referrals, please call 503-216-1182.

Frequently Asked Questions about the HeartMate II VAD

Answers to frequently asked questions from referring physicians about the HeartMate II ventricular assist device therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions about VAD

Answers for patients to frequently asked questions about ventricular assist devices (VAD).

Proprietary Health Article

Assist devices a viable alternative to heart transplant

For patients with systolic heart failure, an implanted ventricular assist device can improve quality of life and prolong survival. Here's how to learn if your patient is eligible. – By Jacob Abraham, M.D., medical director, and Gary Ott, M.D., surgical director, Providence Ventricular Assist Device Program

Who Should Get a VAD?

A presentation by Stuart D. Russell, M.D., chief of heart failure and transplantation, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Recommended Resource connects LVAD recipients, their loved ones and the medical professionals who care for them.