The Gamma Knife Center of Oregon

Gamma Knife is one of the most advanced radiosurgical tools available to treat a variety of brain lesions and disorders, including cancers of the brain. It is a service of Providence Brain and Spine Institute and Providence Cancer Center.

An alternative to invasive surgery, Gamma Knife Perfexion used at the Gamma Knife Center of Oregon focuses 192 independent beams of radiation on a single, precisely targeted location. With pinpoint accuracy, Gamma Knife can destroy tumors with no incisions, and minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Gamma Knife is such an important and unique medical resource that Providence Health & Services offers shared access to neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and neurotologists who are trained and credentialed in Gamma Knife procedures. Any physician may also refer patients to the center's own team of specialists.

Helping patients for more than 50 years, Gamma Knife remains the gold standard of stereotactic radiosurgery for malignant or benign brain lesions, brain tumors and other neurological conditions. Gamma Knife's precisely focused radiation targets abnormal tissue only, sparing healthy brain tissue.

What Gamma Knife treats

Why Gamma Knife?

  • Fewer complications, with comparable and sometimes better outcomes than with conventional surgery
  • One of the most precise delivery of radiation therapy available today
  • A secure head frame for safety and accuracy within half a millimeter
  • No shaving, no incisions and minimal discomfort for the patient
  • Completion of the procedure in a single visit, with most patients able to resume normal activities by the following day  

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