12 months to get moving

It’s recommended by every doctor in Providence Medical Group. It improves weight management, heart health, blood sugar control, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer risks, arthritis pain, mood, depression, sleep problems and energy. It requires no pills or shots, could reduce the number of medications you currently take, costs nothing and has only positive side effects.

We're talking about exercise. It's so important, that we're going to spend the next 12 months sharing information to motivate you, give you new ideas and encourage you to make exercise a part of your life.

Every body needs it. Make this the year that you start getting it.

Proprietary Health Article

July: Stretching - when, why and how

When it comes to stretching, most of us could learn a thing or two from cats. Just watch one flex its toes, arch its back and slowly stretch its spine to two or three times its normal length, and you can almost feel the relaxed, furry contentment.

June: Staying active with arthritis

It’s natural for osteoarthritis to slow you down a little as you get older. Just don’t let it stop you altogether.

January: Setting SMART fitness goals

If your goal for this year is to get more active, energetic, fit and healthy, I salute you. Now let’s take that vague goal and turn it into something concrete that you really can achieve.

August: Making exercise more fun

If you choose an activity that's fun, you're much more likely to stick with it.

April: Don't let your workout get rained out

April showers eventually bring May flowers, we know – but in the meantime, they can really put a damper on our exercise plans. "I was going to go for a walk, but it's raining, so…"

May: Get more out of your workouts

The technique of breaking up moderate exercise with short intervals of more vigorous activity is known as high-intensity interval training.

March: Spring forward for better sleep

This Sunday, we “spring forward” to daylight saving time. That means a little less sleep and a few more yawns on Monday.

February: A workout for your most important muscle

I could list hundreds of reasons why it’s important to get some physical activity every day, but as a cardiologist, I can assure you that one reason is more important than all the others: your heart.