Surgical viewings

Attention: Providence Health & Services has made the decision to cancel all upcoming Surgical Viewings and Career Highlights out of precaution regarding the coronavirus until further notice. Please note other areas within Providence Ready (Internships, MA Incumbent Scholars and school affiliations) are still ongoing. Please see Virtual Career Learning page for virtual learning opportunities. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Surgical viewings allow students to observe a surgery in real-time from an auditorium at a Providence site. Types of surgeries include Ortho Watch, Chest Watch, Heart Watch and Brain Watch. The surgeon wears a microphone and speaks directly with the students throughout the surgery. These are designed for high school seniors who are enrolled in either a health occupations course or an advanced placement science class. At least one teacher must attend the surgical viewing with the class.

Teachers request to have a class on the surgical viewing rotation list by contacting Providence Ready.

“Thank you for the amazing experience. Seeing the surgery was mindblowing and a once in a lifetime experience. I am very grateful.”
---Student, 1/13/16 Brain Watch

“My students come from a wide range of race and socio-economic backgrounds. Most of my students will be the first to attend college/university…This is an incredibly meaningful opportunity for my students that not only deepened their understanding but will also inspire them to continue to pursue their goal in the medical field.”
---Teacher, 1/13/16 Brain Watch

“Thank you for hosting Ortho Watch and allowing students like me to immerse ourselves into the healthcare/medical field! I’m beginning to connect my areas of interest (pharmacology/pharmacy) to other areas in the field, and this experience helped me expand me knowledge.”
---Student, 05/09/2017 Ortho Watch

“Thank you all for all the work and efforts that have gone into this opportunity! It is a very informative session and helps me to understand this aspect of healthcare! I hope to become a doctor, possibly orthopedic, but this was really very influential in my view. Thanks again!”
“I’d love to be a scrub (or neonatal) nurse, so it was cool to see what they do in the OR.”
---Student,1/25/2017 Brain Watch 

“I like how the students not only get to ask questions of the surgeon during surgery but how they get to learn about a lot of medical professions. In one of my students’ reflections she wrote that she never knew how many opportunities there were in the health profession and she said she realized she needed to work harder at school. I think this will be a memorable event for many students including her.”
---Teacher, 10/24/2017 Ortho Watch