Surgical viewings

Surgical viewings allow students to observe a surgery in real-time from an auditorium at a Providence site. Types of surgeries include Ortho Watch, Chest Watch, Heart Watch and Brain Watch. The surgeon wears a microphone and speaks directly with the students throughout the surgery. These are designed for high school seniors who are enrolled in either a health occupations course or an advanced placement science class. At least one teacher must attend the surgical viewing with the class.

Teachers request to have a class on the surgical viewing rotation list by contacting Providence School Outreach.

“Thank you for the amazing experience. Seeing the surgery was mindblowing and a once in a lifetime experience. I am very grateful.”
---Student, 1/13/16 Brain Watch

“My students come from a wide range of race and socio-economic backgrounds. Most of my students will be the first to attend college/university…This is an incredibly meaningful opportunity for my students that not only deepened their understanding but will also inspire them to continue to pursue their goal in the medical field.”
---Teacher, 1/13/16 Brain Watch

"Thank you for hosting Ortho Watch and allowing students like me to immerse ourselves into the healthcare/medical field! I’m beginning to connect my areas of interest (pharmacology/pharmacy) to other areas in the field, and this experience helped me expand me knowledge."
---Student, 05/09/2017 Ortho Watch