Strong for Life Exercise Program

Strong for Life was developed by Providence physical therapists with adults who are sixty plus in mind. Strong for Life is an easy-to-follow routine designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Participants choose one of three levels, and all movements can be done in standing or sitting positions. 

Therabands are used in the videos for an individualized workout. If you don't have therabands at home, you can use what you have, like soup cans or old physical therapy bands. Therabands run between $10-15 if you order online. If you do order online, make sure to take a look at the descriptions to get the flat bands and not the loops (harder to use for this program). Also look for latex-free if that is important to you. 

Free online classes available now

Due to COVID-19, the in-person classes are canceled indefinitely. You are welcome to follow along with the exercise program online.

To begin the video series, choose an option:

About the program

  • There is no charge for the program. However, all participants must enroll the first time they view the videos.
  • Any adult who is 60 or over can sign up for the program. 
  • Trained volunteer coaches provide leadership for the classes. 

What participants are saying about Strong for Life 3.0:

“I like the way I feel the rest of the day—upbeat, energetic, stronger, vibrant.”

“I have better balance. My back problems have improved. Better strength.”

“Flexible for my schedule, friendly people, no pressure, close to home, free.”