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Post-travel care for related health issues

Most travelers return home in good health with a few souvenirs and lasting memories. But if you've been ill, especially while traveling to regions...

Preventative and treatment plans for travel issues

Preparing for a journey takes planning and time. Proper planning is the best way to stay healthy during your trip. See a doctor at least six weeks...

Travel health screening and risk assessment

Check with a travel medicine clinic at least six weeks before traveling so that you'll have time for immunizations and other health precautions that may need to be done in advance. Better yet, talk to your doctor as soon as you know you will be traveling.

Travel prescriptions

International travel is an exciting and potentially dangerous endeavor. Travelers will encounter different public health standards and environmental conditions while away from home, and these can lead to illness. If you are going abroad, Providence Traveler's Services can help you plan a safe and healthy trip.

Travel vaccinations

Before you travel, you should be aware of any needed immunizations or medicines, disease outbreaks, food and water precautions and any other...