Top 10 Travel Tips

International travel is an exciting, yet potentially dangerous, endeavor. Travelers encounter different public health standards and environmental conditions while away from home, which can lead to illness. If you are going abroad, we can help you plan a safe and healthy trip. Here are 10 tips from Christie Smith, RN from Providence Travelers' Services
  1. Get advice from a travel health professional.
  2. Let you body adjust once you arrive.
  3. Protect yourself from disease-bearing insects.
  4. Never go barefoot, even on the beach.
  5. Make sure your water is purified.
  6. Consume only well-cooked food, served piping hot.
  7. Fruit and veggies?  Wash it, peel it, Cook it or forget it.
  8. Refill your prescriptions as they may not be available at your destination.
  9. Don’t swim in rivers, lakes or streams.
  10. Choose means of transportation carefully.