Frequently asked questions for knee and hip joint replacements

  1. Why are Providence patients better prepared to go straight home from the hospital?
    As part of the total joint care package standardized care, patients and family are provided with education and attend a class to prepare them for the procedure, set expectations for discharge and learn best practices for recovery.

  2. Why is standardized care a benefit for my joint replacement?
    Providence performs the highest volume of joint replacement surgeries in the state and has used evidence-based methods to improve safety and find ways to: reduce surgery time from cut to close; use only implants that are effective and long-lasting; optimize anesthesia for surgery and recovery; and improve rehabilitation so that most patients walk the first day, are ready to discharge more quickly and return to the best possible quality of life.

  3. How is my care coordinated?
    Because patients have a predetermined care plan, appointments can be better coordinated and providers work closely together to ensure all evidence based protocols are met and care is seamlessly delivered to the patient.

  4. How do you know that patients experience better function following their surgery?
    Providence uses the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) allowing patients to rate their level of pain, stiffness and joint function. Patient preoperative scores are compared to their scores three months after surgery. These scores are compared to national benchmarks.

  5. Should I be worried about surgery?
    All surgery carries a risk of complications, however, Providence care package surgeons are highly experienced and have a very low rate of complications and readmissions. If you are considering surgery, our care package orthopedic surgeons provide consults to all patients to discuss treatment options, including risks and benefits of a total joint replacement.

  6. Where can I have my surgery performed?
    Currently, participating providers perform surgery at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and Providence Portland Medical Center. These providers have demonstrated they consistently perform the same level of high-quality care.

  7. How will I be billed for a Providence Total Joint Care Package surgery?
    You will receive medical bills and an explanation of benefits from your insurer, the same as you do for other procedures and appointments.