Total Joint Replacement Patient Support and Education

Unmatched patient support
Our main goal during your recovery process is to help you return to an active daily life as quickly and comfortably as possible. This is where our high level of patient education and support make a big difference.

Pre-surgery classes
All patients receive an education guide with step-by-step information. We also schedule a pre-surgery class for you. The class is taught by an orthopedic nurse and physical therapist. For patients traveling from out of the area or who are unable to attend the class in person, we provide links to online material.

Post-surgery support
From the moment you enter our hospital, you will be cared for by our specially trained total joint replacement team. This includes a surgical support team that works alongside your surgeon, orthopedic nurses, and inpatient physical and occupational therapists. Most patients return home after a few days of post-surgical care.

During your hospital stay, your care team will help you exercise your new joint and teach you how to walk and move safely while you are recuperating. Our patient support program will even help you organize your home and surroundings during your recovery period.

Physical and Occupational Therapy
Therapy will begin in the hospital the day after your surgery. Physical therapy will work with you on moving your surgical leg and walking safely. Occupational therapy will work with you to be independent in your daily self cares. If you are having a knee surgery you will continue therapy intensively with physical therapy only for several more weeks. If necessary, your support team can help you find a physical therapy provider closer to where you live.

In-home services
If you cannot easily leave home for therapy, Providence Home Health can arrange for services to be provided in your home. A nurse care manager will help you schedule the rehabilitation services your doctor recommends.

At Providence, you have an entire team of orthopedic experts helping you through treatment. From pre-surgery education to post-surgery inpatient physical therapy, we will be with you every step of the way.