What to expect for your total joint replacement

Unmatched patient support

Our main goal during your recovery process is to help you return to an active daily life as quickly and comfortably as possible. This is where our high level of patient education and support make a big difference.

Watch videos to prepare for your surgery and recovery:

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Pre-surgery classes

All patients receive an education guide with step-by-step information on what to expect before, during and after surgery, including home exercises. We have multiple resources and programs to empower and educate patients before their surgery.

Our pre-surgery classes are taught by members of our expert orthopedic care team, and may include physical and occupational therapists and nurses. A health “coach”, often a family member or friend, is a key element to your success and recovery and is encouraged to participate in the pre-surgery education with you. Research has shown that patients who are better prepared for surgery tend to be discharged sooner and are more prepared to return home.

Post-surgery support

From the moment you enter our hospital, you will be cared for by our specially-trained orthopedic team. This includes a surgical support team that works alongside your surgeon, postoperative nurses and inpatient physical therapists.

Physical and occupational therapy

Physical and occupational therapy will be an integral and active part of your recovery in the hospital. Our therapists will teach you how to safely walk, climb stairs and participate in your daily activities. In most cases, therapy will begin in the hospital on the day of your surgery.

At Providence, you have an entire team of orthopedic experts helping you through treatment. From pre-surgery education to post-surgery physical therapy, we will be with you every step of the way.

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