Providence Total Joint Program

Value of care

Experience matters and Providence performs more total joint replacement surgeries than any other health system in Oregon. That experience translates into excellent outcomes for our patients. In fact, studies show that our total joint replacement patients are happier, healthier and stronger after surgery than patients at many other facilities

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Unmatched patient support

Our focus is on you and helping you attain your goals for recovery and return to activity. We believe that when you understand your treatment plan and how to be an active participant in your recovery you will feel less anxious about your procedure. This helps improve your results and speed your recovery. Learn more

Proven quality of care

Hips and knees: Providence presents a standardized program for hip and knee replacements – designed by orthopedic specialists to provide highly coordinated, personal care from pre-surgery to recovery. This program has been proven to result in:

  • Peace of mind. You’re in good hands: Providence performs the most joint replacement surgeries in Oregon, resulting in consistent, positive results and better patient experiences(1). 
  • A better experience: Providence’s patient satisfaction scores are among the highest in the nation (2). We consistently receive positive feedback from patients. As one patient said, “The timeline of my experience that day was so impressive. It still seems hard to believe that I was walking on a new hip less than 12 hours after being admitted to the hospital."
  • Going home sooner: Our patients typically experience a shorter length of stay than the national average. Most are able to return directly home without interim care at a skilled nursing facility(1). 
  • A faster return to the activities you enjoy: Our total knee and hip replacement patients report functional improvement ratings just three months after their surgeries that are equivalent to national standards expected six months after surgery(3).

Shoulders, ankles and other joints: Patients that receive other joint replacements from Providence also benefit from our highly-experience specialists and a coordinated experience of care focused on getting you home, healed and happy. 

When you choose Providence, we'll work with you to help you go home sooner and get back to the activities you enjoy. 

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  1. Based on Providence Total Joint Replacement Care Package participant data and data reported to Oregon state’s COMPDATA tool through 2012; total of 3,334 cases.
  2. Based on Press Ganey study for July 2012-June 2013 showing patient satisfaction at a score of 95.0 out of 100; placing Providence in the 94th percentile for that reporting period.
  3. Measured by Accelero Health Partners using the WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index Comparative (standardized patient reporting index), overall functional status as reported by Providence Total Joint Replacement Care Package total hip and knee replacement patients is 82.2% as measured at three months following surgery compared to national benchmark with 16 other hospitals noting 82% functional status at six months.