Lung Cancer: "Ask an Expert" and Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a collection of answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" on the topics of smoking, tobacco use, cancer screening and lung cancer. The health care contributors are from the Providence Thoracic Oncology Program team.

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Ask an Expert questions:
Benefits of smoking cessation at any age

Best bets to help you quit smoking for good

Cancer prevention for the ex-smoker

Concerns of a first-time smoker

If there’s no lung cancer in your family history, is it safe for you to smoke?

Lung cancer growth and spread

Lung cancer treatment

Screening tests for lung cancer

Shortness of breath following lung cancer surgery

Why does cancer come back?

Lung Cancer FAQs:
Asbestos exposure

Chemotherapy for stage IV lung cancer

Inherited risk of lung cancer

Lung cancer types and treatments

Risk of cancer from smoking

Risk of exposure from smoking ten years ago

Secondhand smoke

Symptoms of lung cancer

Using bronchoscopy to detect lung cancer