Chest Watch Event - Twitter Highlights

Bringing science education to life, Providence School Outreach hosted more than 125 Portland-area high school students for a live “Chest Watch” surgery as Dr. John Handy, thoracic surgeon with Providence Thoracic Oncology Program, performed an initial lung thoracoscopy and then lobectomy on a life-long smoker.

This log of tweets provides highlights from the March 1, 2013 Chest Watch surgery.

Caution: Some of the images are graphic.

#ChestWatch Event Twitter Highlights
How does #tobacco addiction affect your health? Local students are viewing a live lung surgery today. #ChestWatch starts now.

Thoracic surgeon Dr. John Handy addresses students about today's case. #ChestWatch

Today's #ChestWatch case will be a thoracoscopy on a 2-pack-a-day smoker.

Smoking is the No. 1 preventable risk factor for lung cancer. Today's #ChestWatch patient has smoked more than half million cigarettes in his lifetime.

"If you're thinking about smoking, we're going to see today where you'll be in 20 years." #ChestWatch

As Dr. Handy leaves to scrub in, students learn about careers in nursing, pathology & surgery tech.#ChestWatch

As Meera Jain, MD speaks of smoking dangers, a chime sounds every 6 seconds, signaling a person has died as result of tobacco. #ChestWatch

Students get hands on experience with anesthesia instruments as patient is prepped for surgery.#ChestWatch

Gasps fill the auditorium as first incision shows on big screen.#ChestWatch of a live thoracoscopy begins.

(Graphic image) Dr. Handy gives students first view of the lung. #ChestWatch

(Graphic image) Staples are placed above and below upper lobe lung mass. #ChestWatch

@ColletteWieland: #ChestWatch @providenceportland for a live surgery. Students watch as smoker gets lump removed. @KGWNews @KGWSunrise

The lung mass, presumably with cancer, is removed to be put in sterile bag and removed from chest cavity. #ChestWatch

The lung mass is placed in sterile bag and removed from chest cavity. #ChestWatch

Dr. Handy initially examines lung mass before its sent to pathology. #ChestWatch

Lots of "wows" as students get first glimpse of beating heart.#ChestWatch

Dr. Thomas Cull teams w/Dr. Handy to explain abnormal deposits on lung, heart due to smoking, poor diet. #ChestWatch

Fatty deposits (yellow mass) surround the heart. #ChestWatch

Pathology determines the upper lobe of the lung needs to be removed. Dr. Handy proceeds with lobectomy. #ChestWatch

(Graphic image) Dr. Handy clamps the pulmonary vein leading to the upper lung lobe to be removed. #ChestWatch

(Graphic image) Dr. Handy works around lung, cauterizing arteries to remove diseased upper lobe (purple mass, left). #ChestWatch

Beth Gately, RN, demos surgery equipment and talks of many roles nurses play in operating room.#ChestWatch

(Graphic image) View of the lung in the chest cavity as Dr. Handy prepares to remove lung lobe. #ChestWatch

(Graphic image) Students see a live view of what half a million cigarettes will do to a lung. #ChestWatch

Students squirm as Dr. Handy manipulates lung lobe out of body and examine for additional lesions.#ChestWatch

(Graphic image) Water is introduced to irrigate chest cavity as Dr. Handy preps to close. #ChestWatch

Dr. Handy and team close up on another successful #ChestWatch surgery.

Students explore surgery equipment as they wait for Dr. Handy's post-op presentation.#ChestWatch

After speaking with patient's family, Dr. Handy reviews surgery and outcomes with students. #ChestWatch

Smoking is the No. 1 most preventable risk factor for lung cancer. 1-800-QUIT-NOW and @smokefreeoregon can help you quit. #ChestWatch

And that concludes another Providence School Outreach #ChestWatch event. Thank you for joining us!

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