When it comes to stroke, time is brain. The faster patients can be diagnosed and treated, the better their outcomes. This can be a challenge in small or rural communities where 24-hour access to stroke specialists is rare. That’s why the Providence Telestroke Network is with you when every minute counts. Around the clock, around the region.

Providence Telestroke Network provides hospitals across Oregon and Southern Washington a 24-hour portal to Providence Stroke Center – a program focused on improving stroke care for patients with results that are backed by evidence. Providence Stroke Center’s team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurointerventionalists, radiologists, nurses and therapists work together to quickly diagnose patients and administer the latest treatments to remove clots, repair broken arteries, and rehabilitate stroke patients.

What sets our network apart and how can it help your hospital?

Providence Telestroke Network is a 24/7 service of the award-winning Providence Stroke Center, which stands at the forefront of regional stroke care and national stroke research. This basis in a stroke center of excellence is what sets our Telestroke Network apart.

The Providence Telestroke Network provides on-demand, remote consultation with Providence Stroke Center neurologists, who treat more strokes than any other health system in Oregon. Telestroke consultations are supported by state-of-the-art technology that is user-friendly, reliable, and secure. Our neurologists use this technology to speak with physicians, review patient records, perform examinations, and speak with patients and families to determine the best course of treatment. We are committed to keeping care local whenever appropriate and enhancing your community’s stroke care.

In addition to partnering with our team of expert stroke neurologists, Telestroke Network sites also enjoy tech support from InTouch, as well as initial training and ongoing professional education for local stroke staff. We help your hospital deliver comprehensive, evidence-based stroke care to ensure the best possible outcomes, reduce ED length-of-stay, and reduce the financial and emotional toll of unnecessary transfers. To learn more or join the Providence Telestroke Network, contact us today.