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If you or someone you know has a stroke, faster care can mean a better outcome. That's why Providence Brain and Spine Institute is working to bring the most advanced stroke care to communities throughout Oregon and southern Washington.

Providence Telestroke Network provides access to some of the region's top stroke specialists 24 hours a day. Through a secure two-way video system, Providence Stroke Center's neurologists can be "in the room" with you, your family and your local physicians, helping to determine the best treatment for you. This means you can receive the most effective treatments right in your community, near your family and friends.

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The following hospitals are part of Providence Telestroke Network:

How it works
Providence stroke neurologists can review patient records and diagnostic results, perform a full examination and help determine the best course of treatment. We are committed to keeping care local whenever appropriate and can provide follow-up consultations, which includes acute rehabilitation experts.

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If you would like to support telestroke in your community, contact Providence Medical Foundations.