How our telestroke network works

The telestroke network provides on-demand remote consultation with Providence Stroke Center neurologists as soon as a patient arrives at your hospital. Connecting via InTouch Health’s Control Station and a secure Internet connection, a Providence stroke neurologist will be able to speak with your physicians, review patient records and diagnostic results, examine the patient and talk with family members to help determine the best course of treatment.

We are committed to keeping care local whenever appropriate and can provide follow-up consultations from our comprehensive team, which includes acute rehabilitation experts.

At the community hospital:

  • An emergency physician evaluates the patient and determines if a telestroke evaluation is needed.
  • The telestroke mobile unit is moved to the patient’s bedside.
  • The physician, patient and family members speak directly to the telestroke neurologist.
  • Emergency staff confer with the telestroke neurologist, determine treatment, admission or transfer, if necessary.
At Providence Stroke Center:

  • We provide rapid, all‐hour access to a highly experienced stroke neurologist.
  • The telestroke neurologist remotely performs an examination and reviews data and CT scans to determine the presence or severity of stroke.
  • The telestroke neurologist performs a formal consultation and confers directly with local physicians, the patient and their family to determine the best treatment plan.
  • The telestroke neurologist can provide consultation on follow-up treatment throughout recovery.
  • If necessary, Providence Transfer Center is available 24 hours a day.