How Providence Telecritical Care consults work

Providence Telecritical Care network provides on-demand 24/7 remote consultations between highly experienced critical care medicine intensivists and the attending provider.

Consultations are initiated with a call to the Providence Transfer Center at 888-777-9599. The consulting intensivist and the attending provider exchange information to determine whether a telecritical consultation is appropriate.

Providence Telecritical Care consult’s workflow:
  • The telecritical care connection is established with the consulting critical care medicine intensivist.
  • The telecritical care medicine intensivist remotely examines the patient via the InTouch robot and reviews test results
  • The telecritical intensivist performs a formal consultation and confers directly with the attending providers, the patient and the family to determine the best treatment plan.
  • For a patient requiring transfer, the Providence Transfer Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Providence Telecritical Care consultations involve moving the InTouch robot to the patient’s bedside for the actual consultation. The consulting intensivist will be able to speak with the attending providers, review patient records and diagnostic results, interview and examine the patient, and talk with family members.

Post-consultation, a full, dictated consultation note providing both initial and ongoing recommendations will be provided.

For more information about consult services, or to find out about continuous eICU patient monitoring also available through Providence Telecritical Care, please call 503-215-4333.