Providence Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the process of moving inventions, discoveries, research tools, and other intellectual property to the world outside. At Providence, our focus is on facilitating technology transfer processes that are most beneficial to patients and society.

In its broadest definition, intellectual property is any work, invention, or discovery you create. This includes intellectual property that can be formally protected with patents, copyright, or trademarks as well as tangible items that can be protected by restricting access (for example, data, research reagents, software, and assessments.)

Our office leads the efforts to protect and commercialize Providence intellectual property and advise the Providence community on options for managing their intellectual property. We offer a breadth of IP related services that include:

  • Presenting options for protecting IP rights
  • Evaluating commercial potential of inventions
  • Patenting inventions
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration with industry
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Negotiating and administering partnership agreements such as material transfer, confidentiality, collaboration, and sponsored research agreements
  • Creating new businesses based on Providence technologies