Providence Surgical Services Patient Safety

Providence Surgical Services is committed to ensuring your safety throughout your surgical stay. Our number one safety goal is to guarantee that each surgery patient is accurately identified and has the right surgery performed in the right location. That is, if you are to have surgery on your right arm, we want to make sure surgery is not mistakenly performed on your left arm.

You can help us guarantee our accuracy. Before you have surgery, hospital staff will ask you several times for your name, the type of procedure you are having, and the correct site or location of the procedure to be performed (that is, on your right leg, left wrist, etc.). They may also ask you to help by using a pen to mark the surgical site before you leave the pre-surgery area.

Another very important way for you to help guarantee your own safety is to inform us of any allergies you may have. It is best if you bring a list to the hospital with you, noting all substances to which you may be allergic, including drugs, food and environmental factors. The plan of care we design specifically for you may change if we know that you have certain allergies, such as a latex allergy.