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Anesthesia and your child

General anesthesia provides complete absence of pain and total loss of consciousness during surgery. Our anesthesia team is very skilled in safely administering anesthesia medications to children of all ages.

Five Simple Things You can Do to Prevent Infection

Infections are dangerous – especially for people who are hospitalized or are having surgery. Here are five simple things you can do to reduce your risk of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Robotic and Minimally-Invasive Surgery

What does "minimally invasive surgery" mean? Also called MIS, keyhole, laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery is...

Frequently Asked Questions about Surgery at Providence

How will I know if I need to come to the Pre-Surgery Clinic? Generally speaking, if you are staying overnight in the hospital after your surgery...

Pediatric surgery checklist

Preparing your child for surgery.

Personal Medication History Form

Your complete medication history is important to your physicians and to the hospital. Please fill out this form and bring it with you anytime you go to the doctor’s office or to the hospital. If you are scheduled for a Pre-Surgical Services appointment, make a trip to the Emergency Room, or are coming directly to the hospital, remember to bring this completed form!!

If for some reason you are unable to fill out this form, please bring in a bag all of the medications (in their original containers) that you are currently taking.

Preparing for Colon or Rectal Surgery

Plan now for a successful surgery. This booklet is supplemental to your surgeon’s instructions and is intended to help you successfully recover from your upcoming colorectal surgery. Preparing for surgery can be a stressful time. We hope the information outlined here will answer some of your questions and ease your stress.

Preparing for surgery at Providence Newberg Medical Center

We strive to make your surgical experience a positive one for both you and your family. These are detailed instructions on preparing for surgery.

Pre-Surgery Pediatric Health Status Summary Form

To make sure you get the best, safest care possible, we need some important information about you. Before your child comes to the hospital for surgery, please complete and bring with you a copy of this Pediatric Health Status Summary for children under the age of 13.

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center - Postoperative care instructions

Thank you for choosing to have your surgery at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. We would like to provide you with information about your...

Speak Up and help prevent medical errors

Mistakes can happen during surgery. Hospitals and other medical facilities that are accredited by The Joint Commission must follow a procedure that helps surgeons avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes can also happen before or after surgery. A patient can take the wrong medicine. Or they don’t understand the instructions about how to take care of themselves. As a patient, you can make your care safer by being an active, involved and informed member of your health care team.

Step-By-Step Guide for Surgery Patients

Please read and follow these instructions as you prepare to have surgery at Providence Milwaukie Hospital, Providence Portland Medical Center or Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. The instructions will help to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The day of your child’s surgery: What to expect

If your child needs to have surgery, you may be nervous about the procedure and anxious about preparing your child to handle the situation. These guidelines will help you know what to expect and, hopefully, ease your anxiety.

Your outpatient surgery

Preparation and recovery.

Proprietary Health Article

Assessing and Controlling Pain: What You Should Know

Communicating how you feel when you experience pain can be difficult under normal circumstances. While you are in the hospital, we want you to tell us how you feel using the simple Pain Rating Scale

With this tool, you can describe how much pain you are feeling. This will help the nurses know if you are receiving appropriate pain relief. Throughout your hospital stay, your doctor and nurse will ask you to rate your pain.

Providence Surgical Services Patient Safety

Providence Surgical Services is committed to ensuring your safety throughout your surgical stay. Our number one safety goal is to guarantee that each surgery patient is accurately identified and has the right surgery performed in the right location.