Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our program special?

“The support you get from the faculty, staff and co-residents. It's kind of overwhelming in the beginning, which is a good thing.”  Stephanie Barayuga, PGY-1

“Our learning environment. It's extremely personal and friendly but still provides a ton of independence. A great place to thrive for any learner.” Silvas, PGY-2

“Being excited to get to work at 6:45 am because you know you'll get to see your friends (co-residents). Getting delicious healthy free food from the cafeteria. Having the opportunity to do lots of procedures and hands on work in the ICU (no fellows).”  Heidi Reich, PGY-2

“The faculty mentors shape the program and provide great role models for our future practice.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

Why have we not gone x+y?

“Continuity is important to me and with an x + y you won’t get the same continuity as if you had clinic every week. Having clinic once a week isn't that bad.” Stephanie Barayuga, PGY-1

“I was initially all for changing from our current mixed model to X + Y. However, after reviewing how it would work in reality, I realized that I would lose continuity with my patients, and lose flexibility with my free weekends/vacation schedules. I also love the continuity with my clinic patients, which allows me to spend time addressing their new problems, instead of learning old problems from scratch each time.” Heidi Reich, PGY-2

“Continuity of care in the clinic is my favorite thing about our clinic.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

“We lose a lot of flexibility with X+Y and there are other alternative changes we are exploring which may work better for our residents.” Jillian Catral, GY-1

What do you like about clinic?

“The patients are really nice and very welcoming to new residents. They are invested in your training as much as the program and faculty are. There also a lot of resources that make our clinic run smoothly, which is really helpful.” Stephanie Barayuga, PGY-1

“To be honest I wasn't psyched about clinic at first. It can be tough for someone not interested in outpatient. But I actually like it quite a bit now because of the great continuity. So it's not just a walk-in clinic. There's something special about seeing patients you know well. It makes clinical decisions, and really the whole day, go easier.” Silvas, PGY-2

“Continuity - I see mostly my own patients, and I know that John has COPD and Mary's blood pressure is high. This allows me to focus on new problems or fine tuning existing problems instead of trying to learn the basics about them.” Heidi Reich PGY-2

What is your favorite rotation and why?

“Team C. Fully responsible for your patients with the flexibility/autonomy to determine how to spend your time, when to staff.” Annette Whitney, PGY-2

“ICU: Just an amazing experience, our best by far. Great teachers. Super sick patients. You get to do everything. Tremendous learning. You get so good that it makes you feel comfortable with all other aspects of medicine.” Silvas, PGY-2

“Palliative care - getting to have meaningful conversations with patients that help them to prioritize what matters in their lives, and hearing about what makes them unique, is an amazing opportunity.” Heidi Reich, PGY-2

“Palliative care because you get the chance to really spend time with people at the hardest crossroads of their lives.” Daphne Sy, PGY-1

“I adored my rotation on Palliative Care, which really strengthened my skills for the wards, ICU and even clinic.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

“Both GI and ICU - lots of procedures. I love the hands-on experience!” Lucy Zhou, PGY-3

“I love that at this point I know pretty much all of my patients and can form long term goals for their health, it’s really rewarding.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

Why did you choose this program for residency?

“I could tell that people here truly love what they do and the environment is supportive.” Leah Grant, PGY-1

“Because it felt like home - my co-residents are friendly and support each other, the leadership prioritizes education but is always supportive, and the consult services/hospitalists are engaging and willing to teach.” Heidi Reich, PGY-2

“Amazing faculty, happy residents, and great conferences daily.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

“Seemed like a very supportive program/faculty, happy residents, unique ACU structure, and good opportunities for the potential fellowships I am interested in.” Jillian Catral, PGY-1

What do you do after work or on days off? 

“Time with family. Cooking w/my husband. Berry picking. Sleep.” Annette Whitney, PGY-2

“After work: out for drinks/food, or group cooking and board-games with residents. Days off: hiking, biking, surfing, skiing, concerts.” Silvas, PGY-2

“Play music, sleep in, buy myself flowers, walks in Forest Park, and the classic laundry/dishes/cleaning.” Heidi Reich PGY-2

“Spend time with my kids.” Joe Miller, PGY2

“Video games, crafts, knitting, crochet, novels.” Daphne Sy, PGY-1

“Breakfast with my family, a walk around a park or downtown with the stroller, working on building my miniature room after my daughter is in bed.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

“Cooking, hiking, more recently rock climbing.” Jillian Catral, PGY-1

“Going out for drinks, movies, dessert, walking in parks, cooking, trying new restaurants.” Lucy Zhou, PGY-3

What is your favorite thing to do in the Portland area?

“Wander around the city, particularly the alphabet, Alberta, and Pearl districts. Explore new restaurants, go for walks in Forest Park and listen to audiobooks.” Heidi Reich, PGY-2

“Run and go to parks.” Joe Miller, PGY-2

“Eat delicious food!” Daphne Sy, PGY-1

“Window shopping in the various districts with my husband and daughter.” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

“Enjoy the trees and cool air, hike.” Jillian Catral, PGY-1

What is your favorite restaurant in Portland

“Saburo (sushi)” Stephanie Barayuga, PGY-1

“Luc Lac - Vietnamese themed, with unique drinks and delicious pho. Perfect for cool rainy days.” Heidi Reich, PGY-2

“St. Honoré Bakery” Joe Miller, PGY-2

“Sushi Mazi on Division St” Kate Marshall, PGY-3

“Toro Bravo (Spanish tapas) or Kachinka (Russian)” Jillian Catral, PGY-1