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Our sports medicine experts are on your side, to help you continue doing the activities you love and enhance your performance. We have a collaborative team of providers with a focus in sports medicine, including orthopedists, physical therapists, rehab specialists and primary care.

Therapy team
Providence Sports Therapy can help you get back in action and perform to your full potential. Our experts care for athletes of all ages and levels, whether you play on a team or just enjoy being active.

We are experts at evaluating sports- and exercise-related injuries, identifying factors that may have contributed to your injury and customizing your rehabilitation. We support your care holistically and offer tools such as biomechanical assessment, video analysis and foundation-building exercises.

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Athletic trainers
Our certified athletic trainers help enhance performance and improve fitness. We can show you how to properly prepare for an activity and reduce your risk of injury. We also can help support your care after completing physical or occupational therapy.

Massage therapists
To help ease muscle tension, massage therapy can be a much-needed complement to sports therapy. We work closely with massage therapists to support your needs, and we offer massage services at some facilities.

Occupational therapists
Our occupational therapists are experts in hand therapy and postoperative care for the hand, wrist and elbow to help you regain function. Our OTs are also master splint-makers, and some are trained in concussion management and swim stroke analysis.

Providence Orthopedic Institute works closely with more than 150 highly skilled orthopedic physicians and surgeons in Oregon for your care. Together, we perform more than 12,000 inpatient and outpatient procedures annually.

Physical therapists
By evaluating the way your body moves, our physical therapists can help identify your risk of injury and offer an injury-prevention plan. We also work with you after an injury to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports medicine physicians
Having a physician with a strong background in sports-related care is an advantage for athletes and active individuals. Providence Medical Group has sports medicine physicians with experience in injury prevention and management, concussion care and diagnostic ultrasound.

Speech-language pathologists
Speech-language pathologists assess and treat communication disorders. Our experts also assist in concussion management, helping athletes regain abilities following a sustained concussion (mild traumatic brain injury).

X-ray services
To give you quick access to imaging services, some of our clinics have on-site X-ray capabilities.