Performance enhancement and injury prevention

Being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. Performance enhancement and injury prevention go hand in hand to help you maintain your activities. Providence Sports Medicine’s diverse group of clinical experts can help you maximize your performance and avoid getting hurt.

Sports Medicine Performance Programs

Return to practice planning consideration for coaches

Providence Sports Medicine is committed to supporting athletes as sports gradually return from the COVID layoff. Many athletes have not been able to train and condition their bodies for appropriate levels of activity on a consistent basis. Because of this, our Providence Sports Medicine team of specialists want to provide coaches with helpful guidelines when planning activities for athletes returning to sports. Whether athletes have not started their return to sport activities, or if they are several weeks along, our program can help support their transition back to sports while helping reduce the risk of injuries.

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Conditioning program

The Providence Sports Medicine Conditioning Program is a six-week exercise and movement plan that is designed to get you ready for sports practice and activities for late summer and fall. The COVID-19 crisis disrupted everyone’s lives. Taking a structured approach to returning to exercise and activity is important to reduce your chances of injury when returning to sports and competition. In addition to providing this program, Providence Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers are available to offer athletes and families guidance and support throughout the summer.

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Weekly workouts

Performance training series

The Providence Sports Medicine Performance Training Series is an exercised-based program designed to help active individuals prepare to participate in Hood To Coast, other competitions or races, or simply improve your fitness level. The 2020 training series has been cancelled. Please check back here for updates on future programming.

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Performance Analysis and Injury Prevention Services

Sport video analysis may also be available to assess your body mechanics in your sport. To learn more, call 503-29-SPORT.

For coaches and other people who organize sports teams or events, we offer a variety of programs to help keep your athletes safe.


Staying active can help your body be strong and flexible. Fitness classes can be a good place to start an exercise program. They also can add variety to an established exercise routine. If you enjoy group exercise classes like yoga, Zumba, tai chi or more, Providence offers some fun options.

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Here are ways to help you take action to prevent injury and improve performance: