Providence Spine Institute-Southern Oregon

Patient testimonial:
"I haven't been able to play softball with my sons for years. Now I'm coaching their team. I got my life back thanks to Dr. Peterson and the Providence Spine Institute" ...Ken       (Spine surgeon: Dr. Mark Peterson)

Exceeding standards, providing solutions for neck and back pain.
Providence Spine Institute-Southern Oregon offers a comprehensive range of services designed to decrease pain and suffering, return patients to their maximum level of functioning, and help restore their quality of life. The goal is always relief from back pain using the most conservative approach possible.

Non-surgical solutions
  • Physical and rehabilitation therapy
  • Pain management solutions
  • Minimally invasive surgical options

Surgical options
With many minimally invasive surgical procedures, Providence Spine Institute-Southern Oregon patients experience shorter recovery times, less pain and better long-term results. With today's technology many people can have surgery and return home on the same day. Surgery is only considered when all other treatment options have proven inadequate. And, in those cases, advanced methods of back surgery offer increased likelihood of pain relief.

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