Rebels for a Cause group photo, 2019-2020

Rebels for a Cause

What are the Rebels?

The Rebels is a peer-to-peer anti-tobacco group consisting of high school junior and seniors. The Rebels are health occupations students in three school districts and are spread out throughout seven high schools. Providence Health and Service School Outreach partners with the Rebels to spread awareness about smoking among teens and young adults. Download the fact sheet ›

rebels logoThe goal of the Rebels is to use their influence on their peers and middle school students to promote the anti-smoking movement and the rebellion against tobacco companies, often referred to as Big Tobacco. Their main focus is on eighth graders because the average starting age for a long-term smoker is 12 to 13 years old. If they can convince them not to smoke now, the chances of them never starting or becoming addicted increases significantly.