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Breastfeeding consultations

Consultations are private and last from 30 to 90 minutes and are covered by most insurance plans. Prenatal consultations: A private appointment...

Circle by Providence App

From pregnancy through the teen years, Circle has answers to your questions about raising healthy kids. 


As a woman, your health care needs change with every stage of life. At Providence, we provide complete care and comfort, whether you are planning a...


Providence understands selecting a provider is a very personal choice, especially when it comes to delivering your children. The relationship created with your care provider throughout your prenatal and delivery experience can last a lifetime. That’s why Providence offers midwifery and obstetrics options to fit your personal care preferences.

Midwifery Care

At Providence, we understand no two women are alike – and no two pregnancies are alike. We offer care, support, information and preparation personalized to you, your pregnancy and your birth plan. Our care is tailored to the birth experience you want – tightly coordinating prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum care.

Newborn care services with NICU care

Should you need us, we have the largest neonatal intensive care unit in the northwest. Many of the infants in the NICU are born prematurely and...


Our obstetricians are by your side from your first appointment until after your baby is born. We are here to answer your questions and make sure...

Online childbirth education classes

Providence offers online childbirth education programs to be done in the comfort of your own home. These are ideal for women whose schedules...

Period of PURPLE Crying Caps Program

Being a new parent can be overwhelming and dealing with a crying baby can be stressful. It’s important for parents to understand that babies go through a Period of PURPLE Crying, when baby’s crying intensifies and he/she may seem inconsolable.

Pregnancy and Parenting classes

Parenting with Providence: Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Our classes include: Childbirth Preparation Breast-feeding...

Pregnancy and postpartum therapy

Physical therapy experts can bring relief for a variety of pelvic conditions, including problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. Treatments...

Prenatal support

Pregnancy brings many feelings and questions— we’re here for you. You may have special needs and be unsure how to find ways to address those needs....

Providence OB\GYN Hosptialist

A hospitalist is a specialist in hospital medicine - a doctor whose office is the hospital itself and who focuses intensely on patient care at every stage of a person’s hospital visit.