Chair's Message

Arleen Banett 2015 was an impressive year for Providence Portland Medical Foundation. As a long-time Board member and currently your chair of the Board – and as another individual who has lost a precious family member to cancer – I am pleased and proud to be associated with such a caring institution which is built on competence and integrity.

Notable achievements this past year include adding more valued researchers to our Cancer program and making notable progress on our Center of Hope Initiative. This plan has a goal of raising $65 million by the end of 2017 for our ongoing achievements in the fight to end cancer.

Our scientists are working on exciting immunotherapy discoveries, including:

  • Potential vaccines for breast cancer, glioblastoma multiforme and lung cancer
  • A novel approach to treat all solid malignancies using an OX40 antibody developed at The Providence Cancer Center where the first human cancer patient received this promising therapy
  • A new treatment for metastatic melanoma, pairing immunotherapy with high-dose radiation

New discoveries are made every day. We are working tirelessly to prevent, treat, and cure cancer.

Our Guest Housing facility opened to rave reviews. It is now a restful and supportive addition to Providence Portland for the growing number of patients who are traveling here for their care.

The Grant Review Committee of the Foundation Board has actively supported improvements such as helping Gary’s Clothes Closet (which provides free clothing to our patients in need and has had the highest demand year ever), additions to neonatal intensive care unit, geriatric services, sleep center, labor and delivery, and other important areas.

We continue to grow our portfolio through wise investment and through planned giving. We encourage your consideration of Providence Portland Medical Foundation in your long-term estate planning: what a great way to leave a legacy.

There are so many areas Providence Portland supports. With our mission to help the indigent, it is our joy to turn no one away. This is possible through the amazing generosity of our patients and friends.

Great challenges are ahead to #FINISHCANCER as well as support our patients in areas such as heart and vascular services, hospice, brain and spine, children, spiritual and charity care, and medical education.

We the Board, as philanthropic leaders, are so grateful for your ongoing support.

Here is to amazing progress in 2016,

Arleen Barnett
Chair, Providence Portland Medical Foundation Board of Directors.