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Pastoral Care for Patients and Families: Serving the Spiritual and Emotional Needs

At Providence Health & Services, we believe each patient deserves excellent care of mind and spirit as well as of body. Childbirth can bring a range of emotions, which may last for months. Our interdenominational Pastoral Services staff is available 24 hours a day to help you honor your baby’s birth and alleviate emotional and spiritual stress.

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What to expect: Helping a loved one through the dying process

This 12-page guide helps caregivers and family members understand the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the days and moments before death.

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End of life decisions

If you are seriously ill or in the hospital, you may be asked to make many decisions. Some decisions, such as whether or not to accept artificial life support, are very difficult and require careful consideration. The following are some commonly asked questions about artificial life support and other life-sustaining measures.