Providence Pastoral & Spiritual Care

People facing illness or death often seek spiritual support. At Providence, chaplains are available to provide that support. 

For some people, spirituality is rooted in a specific religious tradition. For others, it embraces many viewpoints and philosophies. Chaplains believe that every human life is sacred and valuable and that spiritual exploration with a chaplain or a person’s clergy can offer wholeness and peace. 

Whatever your beliefs may be, chaplains can help with spiritual and ethical questions. As chaplains, we provide nonjudgmental, confidential support for patients, family and friends. We work with people of all religious faiths, as well as those who have no faith tradition. The chaplains of Providence Pastoral and Spiritual Care have received advanced education, training and national board certification. We serve as members of the health care team, complementing the healing work of physicians, nurses, therapists and other health care professionals. 

When should I see a chaplain? Emotional and spiritual care play important roles in medical settings. Evidence shows that religious beliefs and spirituality enhance the body’s inner healing systems. You may request prayer or to speak with a chaplain at any time. Or, if you prefer, we can contact a minister, priest, rabbi, imam or other spiritual leader for you. People often seek pastoral support when confronting significant life situations:

Medical diagnosis: if you are dealing with a new or life-changing diagnosis or chronic illness, or if you are anxious about an upcoming surgery or medical treatment

Ethical and end-of-life issues: if you face ethical decisions related to medical treatment for yourself or a loved one, if you want to know how your belief s affect your medical care, or if you need help related to advance directives

Grief: if you are experiencing grief over the death of a loved one or the loss of health, a job or other significant facet of life

Changes: if you are struggling with changes in your life and relationships, your abilities or your roles, or if you are facing new limits and possibilities

Unresolved spiritual issues: if you have feelings such as guilt, shame or fear; conflicts in your belief system; feelings of abandonment; loss of hope; or difficulty with forgiving or feeling forgiven

Some of the services offered by Providence Pastoral and Spiritual Care include:

  • Prayer, guided meditation, relaxation
  • Chapel facility
  • Meditation rooms
  • Sacramental ministry
  • Scripture
  • Mass Interfaith services
  • Interfaith resources
  • Passage quilts for the end-of-life journey
  • Grief support
  • Grief education groups
  • Music-thanatology (music vigils featuring Celtic harp at the bedside)
  • Muslim prayer rugs and private Muslim prayer areas
  • Support from a pediatric or child-life specialist
  • End-of-life companions
  • Volunteer vigil program
  • Prayer shawls
  • Ecumenical religious rituals and services

Please talk with your nurse or contact the spiritual care office for information about services available at a specific Providence hospital.