We are fortunate to have your hospital in our community

I write to tell you of the experience my wife and I had recently at Hood River/Providence.

A little background: My wife had the misfortune to be in a bad “horse wreck” — she ended up under her horse with numerous injuries, and in a semi-remote location near Walla Walla, Wash., to boot. Though I am an experienced EMT/paramedic (30-plus years), the situation was not an ideal one, and although my wife remounted and tried to ride out, she wasn’t able to stay conscious.
I called 9-1-1 and we received great response and care from Walla Walla Fire Department medics and AMR transport to an un-named southeast Washington hospital. Since circumstances dictated that I was unable to accompany my wife in the ambulance, she arrived at a modern and well-staffed E.D. without an advocate, but presumably in the good hands of a good system. This proved not to be the case. I could give you at least 20 examples of poor, inappropriate, or NO care she experienced there — I won’t, though. Suffice it to say that we were grateful for the few things they did right (CAT scans, imaging, facial suturing), and the one nurse who was caring and skilled.

We absolutely declined their offer of other care, and got my darlin’ out of there and back to Hood River. We’d been in contact with Dr. John Durkan (at his home, after office hours!). He agreed to see my wife the following morning and to fit her into his already full surgical schedule.

We knew we’d also need other attention and treatment from your staff at Hood River hospital. We were wary, due to our previous day’s experience — needlessly. From the moment we wheeled her into your facility, we received high-quality attention and medical care.

The relief that it brought us was profound. Dr. Durkan and his P.A., Becki, were totally professional, which we expected due to our previous dealings with them. The skill and caring attention of your staff — from the personnel in the surgical suite, the overnight floor nurses, the office crew, the volunteers — well, it was fantastic!  

Try to imagine, from our perspective, the immense comfort of going from an inexplicably bad hospital experience to being totally provided for — medically, practically and emotionally. Those of us who are Hood River valley residents are fortunate to have your hospital in our community to provide for us and our families.

We thank you and your fine staff for meeting and exceeding our needs. You should be proud!”

-Kirk and K.C. Worrall of Parkdale