Our Curriculum

Curriculum Aims

With strong input from current residents, we have designed the residency curriculum to meet these aims:

  • Recognize the Patient-Centered Medical Home, or PCMH, as the core of our practice and training at Providence Oregon Family Medicine Residency
  • Encourage increased longitudinal experiences for residents and eliminate the requirement for multiple, specific block experiences
  • Make a priority of chronic disease management, practice management and systems-based practice, all of which fit well into the framework of longitudinal training
  • Ensure high-quality, high-volume obstetrical experience for residents who want to practice obstetrical care
  • Guarantee residents who do not wish to perform deliveries after their residency a solid grounding in maternity care but also an alternative tract with less OB
  • Offer residents opportunities to work in a variety of team settings, including in supervisory roles with junior residents

Our Curriculum

  • Your intern year will start with a 2 week introduction to internship. The rest of the year is divided into eight 6 week blocks. All the interns return together after the first two blocks for a community medicine week followed by vacation.
  • In total, we have 3 week long vacations + 5 flexible vacation days throughout the year.
  • Every 6 week block includes clinic. OB and FM blocks have two full days of clinic most weeks.
  • OB experiences will be divided among two 6 week blocks allowing for continuity and depth of experience on L&D.
  • Didactics Tuesday and Thursday between 7-7:45a.m. and Wednesday afternoons 12:30-5p.m.

Sample Intern Year Schedule


Intern Schedule Configurations:

Intro to Internship I = 2 weeks of orientation, ACLS, NRP, and hands-on training in different clinical settings.
Obstetrics = Providence Portland Medical Center + 1-2 full days of home clinic per week + prenatal care clinic
Family Medicine = 6 partial weeks of inpatient family medicine at Providence Milwaukie Hospital, with average 1 -2 days off per week and 1- 2.5 days home clinic per week. One or one half block of each inpatient configuration:
  1. 3 wks Sun - Wed days 3 wks Thu – Sat nights (with midpoint 7 day vacation – everyone)
  2. 3 wks Sun - Wed nights 3wks Thu – Sat days
  3. 3 wks Thu - Sat days 3 wks Sun – Wed nights
  4. 3 wks Thu - Sat nights 3 wks Sun – Wed days
Intro to Internship II= 1 week community medicine and didactics + 1 week vacation
Outpatient Pediatrics = 2 weeks outpatient pediatric clinic, NICU morning rounding, and home clinic, 1 week vacation
Surgery = 3 weeks of OR, surgery clinics and home clinic 
Pediatrics = 6 weeks at Legacy Randall Children’s Hospital + home clinic ½ day a week for 4 weeks
Obstetrics = Providence Portland Medical Center + 1-2 full days of home clinic per week + prenatal care clinic
ICU = 3 weeks at Providence Portland Medical Center