Work hours and call

Our call schedule is in compliance with the work hours policy of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, or ACGME. We have a night float system and weekend call for senior residents. The call schedule has been designed with flexibility in mind to allow more time on the Medicine or OB-intensive tracts.

Intern year

Interns average three months in Family Medicine inpatient service, one month in Internal Medicine inpatient service, one month in ICU, two months in Obstetrics and one month in Inpatient Pediatrics. Interns usually work 12-hour shifts, and never more than 16 hours on weekends.

PGY2, PGY3 years

The total number of 24-hour call days is shared among residents based on the number who select the Medicine-intensive track. Residents on the OB-intensive track will have relatively fewer 24-hour call days and more 12-hour night shifts in Labor and Delivery.