Providence Neurocritical Care Services

Providence Neurocritical Care Services is part of Providence Brain and Spine Institute.

Providence Neurocritical Care Services provides specialized, expert in-hospital care of critically ill patients with neurological conditions. Our board-certified neurointensivists and our other providers are specially trained in neurological and neurocritical care.

Our program offers comprehensive care and multisystem management of critically ill patients with a primary neurological disease process. These services include mechanical ventilation, intracranial pressure monitoring, hemodynamic monitoring, external CSF drainage monitoring and continuous EEG. More ›

A need for speed

The neurointensive care model has been found to decrease mortality, shorten hospital stays and increase the likelihood of discharge home. 

Providence Telestroke Network: A telltale kiss

How a wife's fast action and Providence Telestroke Network led to lifesaving stroke treatment.