When Margy met Stanley

What happens when two strangers cross paths at the same time?

Lives can change. Portland winters can be just plain miserable – especially for someone who has spent 15 years living in Hawaii. Margy Salter remembers her first winter back in the Northwest. "I was absolutely freezing." Despite the chilling wind and thick gray skies, Feb. 8, 2002 was about to become one of the most important days of Margy's life. This was the day Margy would meet Dr. Stanley Cohan.

"He's a cutie, isn't he?" Margy smiles as she begins to talk about Dr. Cohan. It may be easy to smile now, but in February 2002, Margy didn't have a lot to be happy about. She was 40 years old and confined to a wheelchair. Only six months before she had been living an active life on the island of Oahu – walking, driving, maintaining her own home, working as a bookkeeper and taking care of "Irish," her horse of 23 years.

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