Our Services

Clinical psychotherapy

Our therapists provide treatment for the mental and emotional effects related to a number of conditions including multiple sclerosis.

Evoked potentials

Evoked potentials are diagnostic tests that can help detect problems with the nerve pathways of the body. Patients are given a stimulus, and the...

Eyes, ears, nose and throat exam

You may be asked to have a physical exam by a neuro-opthamologist or a neurotologist if your doctor needs help in diagnosing your condition related...


MyChart is a free service that gives you online access to your health record. Whether you're at work, at home or on the road, MyChart allows you to view your medical information, see instructions from your care team, pay bills and more. 

Neuro Urology/Rehab

Neuro urology rehabilitation is provided by physical therapists who work with male and female patients who have fecal and urinary incontinence.

Physical therapy

When medical problems or other health conditions limit your ability to move and function in your daily life, a physical therapist can help you...

Providence Brain and Spine Institute Clinical Research

Patient Clinical Trial Participation To be contacted about participating in a clinical trial at the Providence Brain and Spine Institute, please...