Funding Priorities

No matter the amount of your gift or where you direct your support, your donation to Providence Milwaukie Foundation is deeply appreciated. Our donors - thousands of individuals, corporations and foundations - fund programs and services, and contribute to Providence Milwaukie Hospital's excellence. Gifts also help us serve patients in financial need.

All donations, large and small, make a difference. Your gift demonstrates your belief in our work.

Family Medicine Residency Endowed Fund

The purpose of this fund is to promote and sustain excellence in family medicine education and patient-centered care in the Family Medicine Residency Program at Providence Milwaukie Hospital.
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Teaching Kitchen and Food Pharmacy

Imagine struggling to put food on your table each month and trying to manage a serious health condition that requires a healthy diet. Many in our community face that situation each day.

With your support, we are creating a Food Pharmacy and Healthy Teaching Kitchen to help families put healthy food on the table and teach them how to choose and cook tasty, nutritious food.
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Women and Children's Health Fund

Being a new mom is exciting and scary at the same time. Our Providence Mother and Baby Clinic, Providence Milwaukie Hospital helps new moms celebrate their new role and provides support where they need it most. At the clinic, moms can get help with breastfeeding concerns and find products to support breast feeding and pumping.

We also check to make sure new moms have enough food by using our Screen and Intervene program. Hunger is a health problem and still a serious concern in our community. With your support, we can help insure our families are receiving good care and create a healthier community.
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Greenman Garden

A bubbling fountain and patio space invite hospital visitors to sit and relax. Greenman Garden, located outside the hospital’s west entrance, is a peaceful spot for family and friends to take a break. Each of the garden’s brick pavers are available for purchase for $100. You can commemorate or honor a loved one whose name will be inscribed on the paver. Proceeds support the hospital’s ongoing needs.
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Emilie Gamelin Medication Fund

Sometimes we all need a little help. Honoring the Sisters of Providence foundress Mother Emilie Gamelin, the fund supports patients and their families by offering services such as medication assistance, temporary housing, transportation, food vouchers, diabetic supplies, and infant car seats.
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Dental care in the community

Good oral health is essential to our overall well-being. Yet many in our community do not have access to even basic dental care. Our Joseph Bernard, Jr., Dental Clinic provides care for individuals and families in our community who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Thanks to you, we have served more than 250 people each month since 2013. With your support we can continue to provide dental care to those most in need.
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Area of Greatest Need

This fund provides support to projects, programs and services where it is most needed.
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