Patient panel helps Providence Medical Group deliver care

Providence Medical Group (PMG) has been holding important meetings with outside consultants for the last year, but these aren’t the highly-paid kind of consultants. These consultants volunteer their time to help PMG develop a patient-centered experience that makes a difference. They are members of the PMG Patient and Family Advisory Council. Participation means sharing their own experiences and opinions; reviewing communications such as clinic policies and procedures, education materials and websites; and shaping the way Providence Medical Group delivers care and information to its patients.

“We represent real life experience,” says Jim H., a PMG patient and a council member. “I want to contribute to Providence’s work to create a medical home and patients’ request to ‘Know me, care for me, and ease my way.’”

Keyana Azari supports the Patient- and Family-Centered Care program which consists of fourteen different advisory councils and over 11,000 online advisors. She is continually impressed by how passionate PMG patients are about advocating for healthcare to be patient-centered. “We are consistently being asked for council member’s involvement with different projects and initiatives. Our Patient and Family Advisors readily share their experiences and insights about how we can provide the best care to our patients.”

Margie T. joined the council because she wanted everyone to have the same good experiences she did. “I really became excited about having a voice on how health care should be delivered,” she said. “I am just an ordinary patient but this council will allow me to make a difference.”

Ben LeBlanc, PMG chief medical officer, agrees with that idea. “The advisory council is making amazing accomplishments,” he said. “We need to have all our providers be exposed to what they are telling us, because it is transforming how we think about the care we provide.”

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Would you like to contribute to the conversation? If you are a patient of PMG, we would like to hear from you. Here are a few ways to engage:

If you receive a patient survey after an appointment, please send it in. We track and monitor responses.

The marketing and communications department performs market research through an online patient panel. The panel provides their input by taking online surveys about a variety of topics from the comfort of your home. If you would like to join the panel, please email us.

If you would like to apply to be a volunteer Patient and Family Advisor, please contact us.