Volunteer commits to improving care

Soon after leaving the hospital following an accident, one of Trisha Herber’s physicians asked her to return. Not for more care, but to join the PMG Patient & Family Advisory Council – which she now co-chairs.

“I had been working as a business and management consultant, but I had a brain injury and now I focus more on improving health care,” she says. “I decided I could give back by sharing what I’ve learned.”

Trisha says the council has evolved from being guests of Providence to being true partners in improving care. She is the first patient ever to sit on a PMG committee – bringing the voice of the patient to the service improvement group.

“I had no real expectations going into this,” Trisha says. “But I think we’ve made a good impact on projects like improving the myProvidence website, and improving the signage to get to the PSVMC education building. That helps new patients get in place in time for the beginning of the class.”