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Ask an expert Hepatitis C and liver cancer

“I’ve been diagnosed with hepatitis C. What is my risk of developing liver cancer? Should I be tested for it?”

Ask an expert: Can liver cancer run in the family?

Q: “Is liver cancer hereditary? Does my mother’s recent diagnosis mean that I have a higher chance of getting it, too?”

Ask an expert: What is islet cell cancer?

Islet cell cancer is a relatively rare type of pancreatic cancer that develops in the islet cells – so called because the cells cluster together like small islands throughout the pancreas.

Ask an expert: What’s the future outlook for pancreatic cancer treatment?

For a long time, the news for people with pancreatic cancers hasn’t been great. But we’re starting to get the sense that things are finally changing.

Ask an expert: Where does pancreatic cancer develop?

The pancreas is a 6-inch-long gland that sits between the stomach and the spine. Different types of pancreatic cancer develop in different parts of the pancreas.

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Survival improves for colon cancer liver metastases

Progression to stage IV colorectal cancer was once a dismal prognosis, but advances in therapies and surgical techniques have changed the odds. – Ronald F. Wolf, M.D., surgical oncologist