Integrative Medicine FAQs

Is a referral necessary to be a patient?

Providers may refer you to our clinic. However, no referrals are needed to make an appointment with our providers.

Does my insurance cover your services?

We are happy to help you check with your insurance company to see if they cover our services and providers. More and more insurance carriers are covering integrative therapies.

What is the cost of a visit?

The cost of a visit depends mainly on two things--the complexity of the visit and the length of the visit. The cost of a new patient visit typically varies between $77-197, and between $64-161 for an established patient visit. Acupuncture visits are $90. Massage visits range between $18-72 depending on the amount of time requested.  Given that many insurance plans now cover integrative medicine, you may only have a copay at the time of visit. Check with your insurance company whether naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and/or massage is included in your plan.

Where are you located?

Do you only treat people with cancer?

We treat anyone. As we are housed in the Cancer Center, many of our patients also have cancer.

Can you be my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

We regard ourselves as specialists, and because of that we do not consider ourselves to be PCPs. We believe in integrated care, and encourage people to have an established PCP. However, we would greatly appreciate being a part of your health care team.

Do you prescribe narcotics?

We leave the prescribing of narcotics to a patient’s primary care provider or pain management specialist. We focus on diet and lifestyle interventions, including acupuncture and massage, to help you reduce your pain and inflammation.

Do you prescribe medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is not currently a part of the Naturopathic formulary. As a result, we cannot currently prescribe medical marijuana.

Are you able to order labs?

Yes, our Naturopaths can order the same labs that a conventional provider could order.

Would you talk with my conventional provider (MD, DO, NP, PA, etc.)?

Yes! We believe the best care is integrated care where providers communicate freely about how best to help you, the patient. Just let us know what your goals and expectations are.

Could you treat my cancer without using conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation?

With our current level of data, or science, on non-conventional therapies, we don’t have anything (supplement, herb, remedy, therapy, etc.) that has been found to be effective against any cancer by itself as a standalone treatment. In other words, we don’t have the “Silver Bullet” of cure. However, we do have many things with anticancer properties. We like to look at the whole person to see what recommendations we can make with regards to diet, lifestyle and supplements or herbs, in order to help them achieve more optimal health and healing. This involves an individualized approach with every patient receiving customized treatments and recommendations. We like to call it “Silver Buckshot,” and there is much stronger science on these approaches.

Will you still see me if I choose not to do conventional therapy (surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation)?

Yes. We can support you however you would like to be supported with whatever your health care choices are.