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Ask an Expert: Chemotherapy and acupuncture

Q: I'm about to have chemotherapy, and a friend is encouraging me to get acupuncture to help with the toxic side effects. Can acupuncture really help? What is the best timing for treatments?

Answer from Loch Chandler, N.D., M.S.O.M., L.Ac., acupuncture naturopath with Providence Integrative Medicine:

Ask an Expert: Chemotherapy and insomnia

Q: I'm undergoing chemo, and though I am experiencing heavy-duty fatigue, I am also suffering from insomnia! Sometimes it's hard to fall asleep; other nights I wake up around 3 a.m. for an hour or two. My medical oncologist said chemo can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle and prescribed Ambien. I don't like the idea of relying on a sleeping pill. Anything else I can do?

Answer from Miles Hassell, M.D., director of Providence Integrative Medicine at Providence Cancer Center:

Ask an Expert: Lowering blood pressure without pills

"I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. I'd like to lower it without medications, if I can. What are the best non-drug ways to reduce blood pressure? Is it possible to do this without popping pills?"

Hate going to the gym? Head out to the garden

If you've been feeling guilty because you prefer puttering in your garden over pumping iron at the gym, you can now, officially, get over it. A Swedish study has found that gardening and similar “non-exercise physical activities” may be the keys to a strong heart and a long life.

Summer grilling: Seven cool ways to cut the cancer risk

Nobody wants to be reminded that grilling – one of the most savored of all summer rituals – can increase the risk of cancer. Talk about a sure-fire way to spoil a barbecue.

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Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

Evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle choices. Read about ways to help prevent cancer and potentially improve outcomes, in those with cancer.

Exercise for Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Survival - IM

Miles Hassell, M.D., medical director, Providence Integrative Medicine Program discusses benefits of exercise.

Fat is good, bagels are bad

Some (Mediterranean) principles to eat by.  When it comes to preventing or managing obesity, heart disease, cancer and many other health problems, good food is often your best medicine.

Living Well

A guide to how our team can help you live well through cancer and beyond.

Moderate-Intensity Workouts Maximize Health Benefits

Cindy Reuter, N.D., MSOM, L.Ac., R.D., Providence Integrative Medicine Program discusses how to maximize health benefits during workouts.

Natural Approaches to Relieving Seasonal Allergies

Sneezing, runny nose, congested sinuses, coughing and eye irritation – the symptoms of seasonal allergies...

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Proprietary Health Article

Massage in the Cancer Care Setting

What role can massage play within the greater cancer care context? Does massage relieve symptoms in patients with cancer?

Soy in the Cancer Care Setting

Loch Chandler, ND, MPA:HA, LAc; Nicci Lambert, ND, LAc; Malea MacOdrum, ND, LAc Laura Martell, ND, LAc, FABNO; Ken Weizer, ND; Tzumin Weng, ND, LAc,

Take a stand against sitting

New evidence points to serious health risks in doing something that we've always done, often all day long, for most of our lives: sitting.

Too busy to get sick? Power up your inner superhero.

Faster than a speeding sneeze, more powerful than a contagious disease, ready to leap into action against viral villains – it’s your immune system! Made up of a vast army of cells – mostly white blood cells – this inner superhero is on duty 24/7, scouting out invaders, fending off infections and fighting internal grime. When performing at its peak, your immune system defends and protects you from colds, flu viruses – even some cancers.

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