Providence Infusion Pharmacy offers a welcome alternative to lengthy hospital stays for medically stable patients requiring injectable therapies. Our highly-trained clinical pharmacists and registered infusion nurses work together with physicians to meet the individual needs of patients of all ages.

Providence Infusion Pharmacy works with physicians and other health care providers throughout Oregon and southwest Washington. Our program allows patients to receive infusion care while remaining in the nurturing environment of their home.  Patients and caregivers can be taught medication administration using a variety of techniques based on ability and therapy needs.

We also offer onsite infusion suite services in Portland, Salem and Medford.

Therapies provided by Providence Infusion Pharmacy include antibiotics, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), chemotherapy, biotechnology drug therapies, pain management, hydration therapy, IV catheter care and other injectable therapies.

Our providers

Infusion pharmacists are clinical experts in injectable medication therapies. They work to achieve positive outcomes by developing individualized care plans that include therapy specific lab monitoring, nutritional support and pharmacokinetic drug dosing. Medication information is provided to patients in an understandable format. Pharmaceuticals and necessary supplies are delivered to the patient’s home, according to patient needs.

Infusion nurses provide individualized training for patients and caregivers based on a thorough assessment of abilities and therapy needs. Nurses participate as part of a multidisciplinary team in monitoring and reporting patient clinical progress to the physician. In-home and on-site nursing services include IV access management, lab draws, drug administration, teaching, pain management and supply coordination.

Pharmacists and nurses are available to assist patients and physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Access services staff will verify insurance coverage and obtain authorization for infusion services before the start of therapy to assure accurate referral and billing information. They are ready and available to answer questions related to reimbursement in order to ease the referral process.